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Around the World Beauty, is a beauty blog about rituals and traditions still practiced in different cultures by women all over the world From Cleopatra’s milk baths to India’s 5,000 year old Ayurvedic system, there are countless beauty regimens that have existed from the beginning of our time. Japan’s famous pedicure uses little black fish to eat away dead skin and in Spain women bathe in chocolate to soften the skin and increase blood flow circulation.

Around the World Beauty blog reveals beauty methods and techniques that are practiced in different cultures. This website introduces readers to international beauty rituals and traditions. Its mission is to keep beauty heritage alive, the secrets told by their ancestors and grandparents to feel more beautiful and discover the ancient secrets of beauty. Discover your beauty roots.Signature



Behind The Brand

  • Shea-Moisture-RawShea

    Behind The Brand: Shea Moisture

    Providing the best natural products for skin and hair care, Shea Moisture is a leader in the industry.  The company uses family recipes that have been passed down four generations.  Grandmother Sofi Tucker is the woman who originally created the recipes for their handmade products which include shea butter soaps, body products and hair products. […] Read more…

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    TATCHA – Japan Geishas

    TATCHA is a skin care collection inspired by Japan’s geishas and their beauty rituals. Their collections are inspired by three centuries of collective geisha traditions. Japan’s geishas are known for their wisdom and breathtaking porcelain skin.  TATCHA captures Eastern beauty heritage in every product. They discovered a two-hundred-year-old manuscript that broke down the daily regimens of […] Read more…

World Beauty Rituals

  • mehndi-designs-new

    Wedding Beauty Routine (Hindu & Muslim Brides)

    Cleaning and preparing the body: Turmeric powder is applied to the body as a mask (see below) and a bath of oils and powders are mixed to create a relaxing rejuvenating treatment.  Mehndi: Applied on the hands and feet (palms and wrists) using henna which derives from a plant. Its said the tradition started when […] Read more…

  • indianspices

    What does it mean to be beautiful in India?

    Beauty in IndiaIndia is a country with a distinct beauty. The Cinema known as Bollywood shows radiant colors, and beautiful women adorned with jewels, mendhi patterns, and black smoky eyes. The truth is India has a connection to the feminine power represented by the Devi’s (Goddesses) in the Hindu religion that showcases natural beauty, and […] Read more…