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Around the World Beauty, is a beauty blog about rituals and traditions still practiced in different cultures by women all over the world From Cleopatra’s milk baths to India’s 5,000 year old Ayurvedic system, there are countless beauty regimens that have existed from the beginning of our time. Japan’s famous pedicure uses little black fish to eat away dead skin and in Spain women bathe in chocolate to soften the skin and increase blood flow circulation.
Around the World Beauty blog reveals beauty methods and techniques that are practiced in different cultures. This website introduces readers to international beauty rituals and traditions. Its mission is to keep beauty heritage alive, the secrets told by their ancestors and grandparents to feel more beautiful and discover the ancient secrets of beauty. Discover your beauty roots.Signature



World Beauty Rituals

  • LatinaProductSpotlight

    Behind The Brand: Nuance

    Salma Hayek’s brings a new addition to the world of beauty. Inspired by her grandmother’s beauty recipes she launched her line of beauty products called Nuance Salma Hayek. Sold in CVS across the country. Salma grew up in Coatzacoalcos, in the south part of Mexico where her grandmother, Maria Luisa Lopez, was always mixing her […] Read more…

  • Peppermint

    DIY Healthy Hair inspired by Peppermint

    Used in toothpaste, and endless beauty products, peppermint is one Europe’s indigenous plants with a long tradition of medical and nutritional practices. Dating back thousand of years to ancient Greece, and Rome its not only one of our favorite scents for the holiday season but it works great to increase blood flow, which will help […] Read more…

  • unnamed

    Achiote: the Lipstick Tree

      The achiote tree produces inedible fruit that looks a bit like a pomegranate cut in half: it is an open pod filled with red seeds that look as if they are bursting with flavor. But since they can’t be ingested, they are instead used for making dyes. The Incas used achiote as face paint to ask […] Read more…

  • moringaoil

    Zanzibar Beauty Discoveries

    What I loved most about Zanzibar were the beauty traditions that I discovered while walking in the streets or talking to locals.  Women cover their faces but their allure shines through with just a glance.  We visited a local spa named Mrembo, which introduced us to the beauty of Zanzibari women and their daily rituals. […] Read more…