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Around the World Beauty, is a beauty blog about rituals and traditions still practiced in different cultures by women all over the world From Cleopatra’s milk baths to India’s 5,000 year old Ayurvedic system, there are countless beauty regimens that have existed from the beginning of our time. Japan’s famous pedicure uses little black fish to eat away dead skin and in Spain women bathe in chocolate to soften the skin and increase blood flow circulation.
Around the World Beauty blog reveals beauty methods and techniques that are practiced in different cultures. This website introduces readers to international beauty rituals and traditions. Its mission is to keep beauty heritage alive, the secrets told by their ancestors and grandparents to feel more beautiful and discover the ancient secrets of beauty. Discover your beauty roots.Signature



World Beauty Rituals

  • moringaoil

    Zanzibar Beauty Discoveries

    What I loved most about Zanzibar were the beauty traditions that I discovered while walking in the streets or talking to locals.  Women cover their faces but their allure shines through with just a glance.  We visited a local spa named Mrembo, which introduced us to the beauty of Zanzibari women and their daily rituals. […] Read more…

  • Spa1


    When it comes to beauty secrets, there are NO BOYS ALLOWED.  Zanzibari women are dedicated to their husbands and take pride in pleasing them through their housework and even during personal time.  So much so that a week before the wedding, women will take the bride-to-be and teach her everything they know: from household chores […] Read more…

  • HennaYoutube

    Zanzibar: Nail Polish NOT ALLOWED

    Before nail polish existed, henna was used on nails in Asia, Egypt, and Spain. Incrediblely detailed designs can be made with henna on the nails and it lasts 3-4 weeks before it starts fading and growing out. Check out these Pinterest boards for design ideas. Nail polish isn’t allowed in the Muslim religion because for […] Read more…

  • Henna2

    Zanzibar & Henna

    Located in East Africa, Zanzibar houses countless beauty shops offering ornate henna designs for tourists and locals alike who are eager to take part in this popular ritual. Henna is used as an extension of femininity and allure for women. The designs tell a story and are thought to draw in the energies of joy, […] Read more…